Thomas J. Serafin
2 Cedar Dr., Granby, CT. 06035
1 203 812 0288   -
Founder / President: Apostolate for Holy Relics, Inc. is non-profit, tax-exempt Calif. Corporation established for the education of the faithful, the veneration of the remains of the saints, and the preservation of relics. The emphasis of its mission is a traveling exhibit of relics available for public veneration. (Apostolate approved by Cardinal Mahony, moderator Monsignor Francis Weber. This Apostolate is under the umbrella of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Ca.)
Exhibit: Forest Lawn Memorial Park                                 Nov.1-Jan. 27, 2002
Exhibit: Georgetown University, Jesuit Heritage Week    Feb. 2002
Retreat: Day of Recollection with the Saints                  July 27, 2002
Retreat: Day of Recollection with the Saints                  Oct. 19, 2002
National Tour: Tilma of Tepeyac Tour                             May-Dec. 2003
Palm Sunday 2004: Relics of the Passion - St. Louis Cath., John Paul II Cultural Center
National Tour: Passion Tour                                           Feb-March 2005
Atlanta Youth Congress-Relics of the Passion 25,000 teens       Jan-2006
Feast of San Gennaro: 2005-2006  Relic of San Gennaro (St. Januarius)
SCRC Convention:      2005-2007
Relics of the Passion Tour:  2006  Hawaiian Islands Tour
Relics of the Passion Tour:  2007  Archdiocese of Guam
National Tour:  2007-2009 Operation Special Intention-patrons for Military personnel
Los Angeles Archdiocese July-Oct. 2007
U.S. Archdiocese for the Military Services, Washington, DC-Sept. 26, 2007
Dedication of new chapel / headquarters and public veneration.
Philippines, Guam, and Hawaiian Islands.- 2009
The NAU Art Museum Gallery:  Flagstaff, AZ.    July-Oct. 2007
Contemporary Reliquaries: Housing the Memories of Our Day
Continual Relic Veneration tour: ( Padre Pio, St. Faustina, Relics of the Passion) with one hour program. 2010 to present.                              Website:
Founder / Director: International Crusade for Holy Relics is a pious organization established to provide relic devotees with information and support in the apostolate of promoting the proper veneration and public exhibition of the remains of our great saints who await us in Heaven. Established national boycott of eBay over the sale of relics on the internet, over 150 news articles printed worldwide.
1. Archdiocese of Los Angeles Archival Center
Organize, authenticate through record and document
verification, catalog, design and manufacture reliquaries.
2. Passionist Mater Dolorosa retreat Center:
Organize and create reliquary and mount relics within.
3. St. Felicitas and Perpetua, San Marino, Ca.
Organize and create reliquary and mount relics within.
4. Knights of Columbus, New Haven
Acquired proper theca, mount relics, verify authenticity and issue
documentation for the K of C National Mexican Martyr reliquary tour.
5. Claretian Missionaries Center, Los Angeles, Ca.
Organize and create reliquary and mount relics within.
International Crusade for Holy Relics-Relics the Forgotten Sacramental
E-Simony Report (A study of the electronic sale of relics on the internet)
nEw Judas-Electronic Simony Exposed
Serafin on Relics-Audio CD
Seven electronic books:
Retreat speaker-available for one-day retreats and seminars on the subject of relics and the saints, providing Catholic churches with Sunday veneration, guest curator, and participation in conferences as guest exhibitor.
Over 450 newspaper, magazine (including Washington Post, Newsweek and Forbes) and internet interview articles.
Guest interview on the DVD production, Las Reliquias de la Pasion Hombrenuevo
Consulted on a radio program with BBC Radio Current Affairs, London.
Consultant to Prime Time Live on the remains of Pope John Paul II.
Featured on Fox-Hannity’s America-Beyond Belief-Relics.
KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles-Morning News television segment
Collectors Favorites #234-Holy Treasures, 30 minute guest spot
Interview about relics-Hombrenuevo-EWTN television
Radio interviews
KALI-AM (channel 900),    30 minute guest spot
KALI-FM (channel 106.3),  30 minute guest spot
KYPA-AM (channel 1130), 30 minute guest spot
KMMY-TBA, 30 minute guest spot
RadiofranceInternational-Radio interview for Belgium, France, and Switzerland
St. Joseph Radio Program, EWTN link-short-wave/ five (2 hour guest spots)
The Osgood Files on CBS radio-2 min. Feature (WCBS) (NEW YORK)
KPCC 89.3 FM Feature
The Drew Mariani Show-two spots the relicman feature
Contributing writer / consultant
Written articles for the National Catholic Register newspaper.
Mentioned in, Skulls & Skeletons by Christine Quigley / Pgs. 170-171
Mentioned in, TREASURES FROM HEAVEN by Steven Sora / Pgs. 221-222
Contributor: Encyclopedia for Catholic Devotions,  2003 by Our Sunday Visitor.
Contributor: The Other Faces of Mary by Ann Ball / Pgs 83-84 by Crossroad Pub. Co.
Contributor: "The History of Christian Miracles" "From Apostolic Times to the present day"
Young Catholics of Sweden (SUK), Piotr Urniak
Contributor to
Acted as research and resource consultant to the Agence des Services Frontaliers du Canada / Canadian Border Service Agency and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on the trafficking of religious artifacts.
Knighthood - Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
Knight of Merit-Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George, US Delegation
Knighthood-Order of the Immaculate Conception of VilaVicosa, Dynastic          Grand Collar of the Order of Merit-Portugal (Order of Merit of the Portuguese Royal House)
Knight Commander-Order of Saint Michael of the Wing, Portugal - Dynastic
 Board member
The Saint Friar Nuno de Santa Maria Álvares Pereira National Museum in Ourem Castle, Portugal.
The Holy House Shrine in Ourem Castle.
The Marian Museum in Ourem Castle.
The Lipsonateca (45,000 + Relic Collection) - Fatima
Saint Michael's Chapel - Fatima
Saint Anne's Oratory   - Fatima
The Portuguese Centre of Sidonology and study of the Relics of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Fatima


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