Apostolate for Holy Relics – International Preservation Commission
In an extension of the mission of the Apostolate for Holy Relics we have established an International Commission to address the worldwide theft, sale, and desecration of the physical remains of cultural and historical personages perpetuated by the neo-middles auctioning block, the internet auction houses and websites.
The AHR will join forces with the International Crusade for Holy Relics (www.ICHRusa.com) ongoing battle against the sale of first class relics of Christian Saints on the internet with the support of the membership of the  Knights of St. Gabriel Diplomatic Society (www.diplomaticsociety.org)  .
We have enlisted the support of numerous Diplomats & Consuls of the following nations including USA, Canada, Philippines, Guam, Colombia, Mozambique, Slovakia Consul, Malta, Diplomatic Minister Philippines, Consul Peru, Consul General Albania & Dominican Rep Brazil, Consul General Seychelles, Consul General Turkey, Senator Ireland, International Affairs Consultant, and Consul General Nicaragua .
The ICHRusa has been contacted and has consulted with both the United States and Canadian Customs Agencies to stop the transport of artifacts across International borders. Politicians will be solicited to help litigate and legislate the Human Remains Trafficking Act that will hopefully put an end to the sale, theft, and transportation of human remains across national and international borders. Our goal is to legislate a bill (law) that makes it a crime punishable by fine and imprisonment to knowingly and willfully promote the sale, sell, and transport cultural and historical human remains that are protected by and in the HRTA ( see below).


Hrta 2008

Human Remains Trafficking Act 2008

  • To ban the sale of cultural and religious artifacts particularly bodily remains, including hair, bones, and flesh regardless of size and/or quantity, sold through website and/or internet auction house.


  • Ban sale of any container which includes the aforementioned body parts as a gratis gift to the buyer.
  • Anyone selling the aforementioned body parts to a buyer shall be subject to a fine of not less than $5000.  (and 90 days in jail.)


  • In the event that such items are sold via a third party such as an internet auction house or website, both the seller and the third party shall be subject to the fine.   (and jail time.)
  • The effect of this law will be to ban the sale of all body parts that are not sold for medical research to legitimate medical facilities or for training in the biological sciences to accredited schools.


  • Fines used for enforcement and legal fees
  • Example of past and continuing offenses:
  1. American Indians remains.
  2. Remains of the indigenous Hawaiians.
  3. Christian relics.