Communion of Saints Missionaries

"I believe in the communion of Saints", this profession from the Apostles Creed is recited by Christians of most denominations. Although many say this statement, how many really understand the deep significance of what they are reciting?


1: to have religious convictions

2: to have a firm conviction about something: accept as true

To believe is to support, to support your religious convictions and what you accept as the truth. The members roll is to financially support the International Crusade for Holy Relics and its mission to educate the faithful through a monthly financial contribution.

A ten dollar monthly contribution will be automatically deducted from your personal account through the Pay Pal portal. The ICHR is a “verified” account with Pay Pal; this means they have “verified” the business account with the ICHR bank, Wells Fargo.

The project involves fighting the persecution of Catholics worldwide.

"This is so sensitive in nature that I require only serious and confidential benefactors. I have the support and participation of a very prominent internationally recognized Bishop."

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